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A world where fantasy and magic meet the industrial revolution
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MocroGunz is an online multiplayer combat arena game played from the third-person perspective. It is free to play and new content is frequently added to the game. MocroGunz is a mixture of modern and medieval weapons and certain magical abilities. It doesn't have a story and you only have a limited number of maps to play on.

The graphics are outdated but not bad. The sound effects are very good, multiple weapons have different sounds and the music sets the action atmosphere. The gameplay is not that complicated, but you have to play for quite some time and check the options menu for the key bindings because there is no tutorial.

When you enter the game you're directly sent to the character creation screen. There aren't many options for customizing your character. You can choose the gender, 4 types of hair, 4 types of face presets and a total of 5 guns. After you create your character you can join other matches or even create your own and invite others to play with you or against you.

The game features many modes, most of them deathmatch-based. Besides those you have the training mode, where you have unlimited ammo but don't gain experience if you kill somebody; and the quest mode. To complete a quest, you should make sure you have got all the required items that can be found at the shop. Quests can be done alone or with friends and are a good way to get more experience.

The shop not that diversified but it still gives an incentive to play for better items. The items are free and are unlocked when you reach the specified level requirement.

MocroGunz is an overall decent game and will provide quality entertaining.

Dennis Niels
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  • Fun gameplay
  • Map diversity


  • No tutorial
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